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Introductions and the Like

#21 User is offline   inquiry 

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Posted 2003-May-08, 18:44



I just joined BBO, and thought that I would introduce myself and ask a silly question to which I don't really know the answer.  I have been playing bridge on and off for the better part of thirty years, mostly off.  About 5 years ago I started playing regularly one night a week.  Since I work, that is all that I can play.  I am a LM almost a bronze LM.   I play SA mostly and a little 2/1.  

Now for my question, when asked are you an intermediate, advanced, or expert player, I don't have a clue on how to answer.  Are there any criteria for such ratings?  

Welcome poquito. The BBO game site help screens suggest:

Intermediate = Someone who is comparable in skill to most other members of Bridge Base Online

Advanced =  Someone who has been consistently successful in clubs or minor tournaments

Expert =  Someone who as enjoyed success in major national tournaments

See if you can place yourself using this scale.


#22 User is offline   LukeG 

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Posted 2003-May-08, 19:31

Hi all,

My name is Luke Gillespie.  I'm 54 and live in the Boston, MA area.  When I was young my grandmother and aunt lived with us.  They were enthusiastic card players (all sorts of games) and they got me going.  I was around 10 or 11 when I started playing bridge.

When I was in my 20's I hung out at the old Boston Chess Club and played in ACBL tourneys, enjoying some modest success.  At that point I played a Roth-Stone style and became quite comfortable with it.

By the time I reached my 30's I had lost two regular partners to California and had started a family.  For the next couple of decades I concentrated on family and community, and played less and less bridge.

I was still interested in the game, and followed it via the Bridge World (I bought a lifetime subscription when they first offered it) and the occasional book.

I started playing on OKBridge in November 1999 and play there about 95% of the time vs 5% here at BBO. I am interested in different bidding systems and will be playing Svan, a Swedish two-way club system, in the GNT at the Long Beach NABC.
Luke Gillespie

#23 User is offline   aisha759 

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Posted 2004-May-04, 17:23

Hi everybody :blink:
I am turkish living in Jordan.... how long does it take to become a good bridge player? I am on a plateau at the moment!
I started out on yahoo, moved on to MSN, flew over to OKbridge (hated it) swam to BBO(not planning to leave it)...
I love this game, I'm addicted to it, especially online..
I play SAYC and ACOL, and trying to learn 2/1.

P.S. i learned how to play 10 years ago, but only took it up seriously 5 years ago (how stupid is that?)

Patience is a virtue ( so they say) maybe I'm not cut out for excellence, but i should get a star for percevevence ( did i spell that right?)
You know its time to diet, when you nod one chin and 2 others second the motion :)

#24 User is offline   bearmum 

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Posted 2004-May-04, 17:55

HI -- My name is Jackie and I live in Perth Australia, but have lived in Melbourne Adelaide Brisbane and Sydney, and was lucky enough to have lived in Toronto Canada for 8 months, and almost 5 years in Denver CO (husband was working there.

We are now retired, and living close to 3 of our 6 grandchildren which keeps us on our toes!!

We (husband and I have been playing duplicate for about 35 tears-- and we are still making HORRIBLE mistakes, and play 2-4 times a week at our club.

I play occasionally at BBO and find the forums very entertaining and informative --- thanks to all the yellows and directors who put SO much time and effort into making playing in BBO enjoyable :blink:

I started playing CULBERTSON (now Im giving my age away :) ) when I was about 14 -- then Goren Schenken and finally Precision. I am reasonably familiar with Standard American and 2/1 and am currently trying Acol, as most of the members at our local club play Acol, and we thought it was a nice idea to swap partners occasionally with another married couple.

#25 User is offline   slothy 

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Posted 2004-May-04, 18:15

bearmum, on May 4 2004, 06:55 PM, said:

and we thought it was a nice idea to swap partners occasionally with another married couple.


I believe this sort of behaviour is outlawed in most Australian provinces?

35 tears?? thats a lotta tears :blink:)

Giving your age away...My niece, at the rather mature age of 6 (oooops 6 and a quarter she corrects me!) plays CULBERTHSON (she has a slight lisp poor child) so you must be at most 36???

And yes my dear Aisha perceverance is spelt perseverance..
gaudium est miseris socios habuisse penarum - Misery loves company.

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Posted 2004-May-04, 19:57

Hi folks!

My name is Gonzalo, and live in Madrid, still a junior (24) and been playing sincee I was 13.

I´ve learned quickly because my father is WBF´s World Master, and probably the best spanish player ever. With him I´ve won some titles and money, but I can´t be really proud of them becuase it isn´t really hard in Spain.

My biggest problem is I know a lot of things that I know they are right because I was taught that way, but I am not sure why they are correct, looking to learns something new on this forums :blink:

I really love playing in BBO, the absence of a ladder keeps ourselves away from cheaters, and we can always enjoy playing friends, even better or worse, without being troubled by big wins/losses.

#27 User is offline   dugite 

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  • Location:Oz

Posted 2004-May-05, 00:42

Hi I am dugite aka howsthaat aka goldribs(for any old yahooies or swannies).

I have been playing offline for about 20 years and online for about 6.

I live in Perth Western Australia(which is rated as the worlds most isolated city--which may explain the strange time zone and weird sense of humour).

Sometimes I am expert and at other times a prebeginner,but usually I am about intermediate.

I will play with anybody anytime regardless of rating or other facors.

My picture sums up what most people think of my heretical bridge ideas.

One of my interests is collecting greetings from arround the world so when you arrive at my table I can say hello in your own tongue.I need more of these so come tell me hello and goodbye and thanks in other languages.

I am looking forward to playing with as many people as possible.

See youse all later(or round like a rissole)


#28 User is offline   dogsbreath 

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  • Interests:bridge,golf,cricket,baseball, ironing (?)

Posted 2004-May-05, 13:15

Hi all ..Doggie here :lol:
..never noticed this 'thread' before maybe I sh add my knot.. (anything to make up ground on the site's ace 'posters' (ben,alex etc))
Real name ..martin devlin ..which is not usual in Ireland, but does lend itself to numerous variations including 'nilved nitram' backwards :P

I've been playing on BBO since the days when if we got more than 30 tables some of us had to play on the verranda!.. but still quite a few 'old-hands' here before me and still here today.

i started playing Bridge at uni in Belfast and played Junior and Senior camrose for N.Ireland. Havent played seriously for years until recently , am fortunate to have a good 'live' partner at present ..diane greenwood, who will be representing Ireland in the Ladies team at the upcoming Europeans at Malmo.

Is great fun to meet some of my BBO friends/opponents 'live' far have met Orla (Irish but living in Germany), margaret aka 'haggis' and OliverC , not to mention Ron Lel ('The Hog') whom i met and played against in Oz in the 80's .

Never played 'sayc' or 2/1 before BBO ..apologies in advance if you get me at a table :)

All welcome at my table .. Rgds Dog :blink:

#29 User is offline   slothy 

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Posted 2004-May-06, 14:16

Like Doggy just saw this thread too :( Just thought i would give people the opportunity to understand me better

Name: Alex aka Slothy aka "Geez, not him again"

Age: 38 (rising arithmetically by 1 every 365.25 days ;) )

Sex: As often as possible, preferably with same person who is knowingly not blood-related.

Gender: Male (Proud owner of an aerodynamic, stream-lined X chromosome and a stumpy Y one).

Sexual Orientation: North. Grandpa always told me to have the needle pointing in the right direction. Physically, monogamous; psychologically, sluttishly promiscuous. Closet heterosexual.

Ethnicity: Awaiting paternal DNA test. A suspicion, according to family legend, of a few rogue genes from Scandanavia.

Nationality: English/American (have US passport, born in Cleveland Ohio, although never lived there). Lived my formative years in Malta. Explains my instinctive automatic gesture to stand up and place my hand on my chest when either anthem is played, and moving my mouth pretending that i know the words.

Religion: Roman Catholic by denomination (ie living in Malta). In fact wanted to be a priest, but absolved myself from that career pursuit when I become old enough to appreciate that I could not take the anatomical responses of sitting next to a person of the opposite sex, potentially, to their natural conclusions.

Children: None, although there are many beautiful, charming children out there who look uncannily like me. (243 paternity suits pending)

Phone Num: Give me a call and i will tell you.

A dress: Never worn one, although fellow members of my Transvestite Anonymous Group thought it was time I should.

Marital Status: Married/Divorced (in that order, funnily enough). Currently not co-habiting, but involved, allowing me the luxury to sleep sideways on my bed if i wish and not being stealthfully pushed off the edge.

Disorders: Bedroom, kitchen and living-room. (in fact I have adopted chaos theory to my domestic management. I have reached a state of equilibrium where I know that I have something, just don’t know its precise geographical location in the house); closing my eyes when walking in a sand-storm; not knowing when to stop when writing posts.

Phobias: Cannibalistic Papua New Guinean tribesmen who come knocking at the door asking if they can come in for dinner; women waking me up early Sunday morning with a smile on their face and an air of expectation; spiders in the bath who haven’t got the decency to clean it whilst they are in it.

Favourite Bridge Moment(s): Winning the National Newcomers Pairs after playing bridge for 2 years, and coming placed in National Pairs 2 years later: Playing for Yorkshire. Making 3NT on a criss-cross squeeze against the late Boris Shapiro and him patting me on the back and telling me "well done, son".

Horriblest bridge moment: Going 3 off in 4D X against the late Boris Shapiro on the next board and him looking at me in a way which suggested that he wished he never touched me on the previous board.

Most embarrassing bridge moment: Playing opposite a female ex-partner after her buttons on her blouse had come undone.

Most Happiest bridge moment: Waiting until the end of the round to tell her.

Favourite Bridge Book: The Expert Game By Terence Reese.

Most difficult bridge book I have read: Losing Trick Count by Ron Klinger (Chinese Braille edition).

Bridge Book i would have most liked to read:2004 European Championships Qualifier Hand Records (2003 Edition)

Favourite Bridge Saying: "And which half of your singleton do you wish to play first, opp?"

Favourite Bridge Partner: Aisha. Love you babe.

Bridge Couple would most like to meet: Fred Gitelman & Sheri Winestock.

Favourite Proverb: "If you run after 2 hares you will catch neither".

Favourite Meal: Whole Hare casserole followed by Whole Hare Rib Rack With Asparagus and Pimento Sauce with a side serving of broccoli.

Diet: Omnivorous by nature, carnivorous by moon-cycle.

Pet Hates: Women with more facial hair and bigger biceps than myself; communal towels when attending Leprosy Convention; people who repeatedly pick imaginary pieces of fluff off their jumpers; women who insist that I put the toilet-seat down at their house and then don’t leave it up at mine; people who feverishly scurry to lock their car-doors as I cross the road.

Qualifications: Bsc Zoology (aborted after 3 years when I discovered that a had an aversion for animals, especially domesticated ones -> travelled around Europe for 2 years. Best education I ever had), Bsc Computer Science. Outstanding distinction in Telepathy Exams. (i saw the questions in my head 2 weeks before the exam)

Shoe Size: Depends who asks.

Favourite Young Person: Nephew, Fabien (4), for saying that i am his favourite uncle.

Most Unfavourite Young Person: Niece, Natasha (8), for reminding her cousin, Fabien, i am his only uncle.

Most Favourite Adult: Aisha.

Favourite Novel: The Periodic Table by Primo Levi (highly recommendable. Most ingenious allegory ever written, better than Dante’s Divine Comedy and Swifts Gulliver’s Travels put together)

Book Currently Reading: Guns, Germs And Steel by J. Diamond (Will alter your perception of modern civilization and why the world is how it is)

Favourite Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Alberto Moravia close second).

Most overrated author: Sigmund Freud - he has made me perceive my mother with undeserved suspicion.

Most disillusioned Person: Steve aka 2over1 for having misconceived notion that Sloths suffer from body odour or really care if they do :blink:

Book Least Likely To Read: The Kama Sutra For Celibates (Left-handed edition)

Pet: An orphaned hammerhead shark, christened Jaws E. Lin.

Most extravagant purchase: Goldfish bowl for my pet.

Most dangerous moment: Having to give my pet a dental-floss after a toffee-apple got wedged in his molars.

Most uneventful moment: Taking my pet for a walk in the local park.

Most apprehensive moment: Secretly phoning my then fiancée 2 hours before our wedding telling her I wanted to have 3 children with her.

Most regretful moment: Looking at my mobile after and realising I had phoned my mother-in-law by mistake.

Most xciting moment: Spontaneously making love in a lift one night after going out celebrating.

Most Embarrassing Moment: The dwarf standing in the badly-lit opposite corner of the lift asking us what floor we were going to get out at.

Most Character-Forming Life Event: Having, 2 hours after being born, the sign "Dont Touch, Ugly Baby" tattooed on my forehead.

Hobbies: Language, bridge, mathematical puzzles, reading, crosswords, creating learning software, writing poetry and prose, travelling.

What profession I would like to have: Surgeon. Would perform radical, retinal surgery on men such that no woman looks more beautiful to him than his wife.

What I would change about the world: That people would see beyond skin-colour, social status, culture, language and religion and tolerate even celebrate our differences as these make the world the wonderful place it could and should be. Make people smile as an act of law. Turn humour into a highly infectious virus.

What I fear most: That some miserable moron would synthesise a vaccine for the above.

Person I most admire: Albert Einstein. A man of vision, intelligence, honour and fearlessness with humility.

Best Quotes:

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.

The saving grace of humour: if you fail no one is laughing at you.

Thing I Am Most Likely To Say: "Lie on the floor. Put your hands on your head and tell me where the keys for the safe are"

Thing I Am Least Likely To Say: "I agree with you, Claus"
gaudium est miseris socios habuisse penarum - Misery loves company.

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Posted 2004-May-07, 06:43

Hehe, Slothy's post is always so entertaining to read.

Let me introduce myself here. My name is Hongjun ZHong, flytoox on BBO. I am from China, now I am doing PHD in Econ. in England.

I started playing bridge quite long time ago but hadnt played for many years before I picked it up again last year when friend introduced me to here. Then I keep wandering around BBO all the time, without making much progress with my thesis.:(

The best book in my view are:

Defense: Killing Defense by Kelsey
Declarer Play: Expert Game by Reese. Perhaps I should also mention the book "Most puzzling hand in bridge" by Reese. This is a great book, I read the chinese version but could not find it in any bookstore here. Does any friends in England know where I can get a copy?
Bidding: All Mike Lawrence's books, especially complete book on overcall and Contested Auction. Besides this, Better biddding with Bergen is also my favorite.

#31 User is offline   gamingrams 

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  Posted 2004-June-06, 20:33

Hi, all BB players and friends. I have just discovered the forums and this topic.

I, like many of you, started playing bridge as a teenager. What systems did I play -- that many eons ago I am not sure what I played had a name B) , just bridge. Played through college and then whenever we lived some place where I could scrounge up enough players.

Was introduced to duplicate, and was forever hooked.

Almost 6 years ago I moved to Alaska and was horrified to find that there were no sanctioned games closer than Anchorage (a 3 hour drive or expensive 20 minute plane ride) so I took up quilting. When my mother announced to her friends that I had given up cards, into the startled silence that followed, one of the players at the Hilton Head Bridge Club immediately asked for my email address and began bugging me to play online. Finally, I worked up enough bravado to face all of those strangers and logged on to MSN and found the zone. My friend, JJoker, introduced me to several of her friends and now I was in real trouble -- two horribly time consuming hobbies. quilting and 24 hour access online bridge, a relatively new marriage :blink:, and a whopping big time differential with the East Coast.

About a year ago I found my true love -- Bridge on BB and brought my favorite partner with me (or maybe she brought me) and have been here ever since. THANKS FRED!!!!

Now there is local duplicate here and I am truly in heaven.

By the way, my earth name is Leslie. but I answer to gamin, grams, and gg as well.

#32 User is offline   inquiry 

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Posted 2004-June-06, 20:46

Hi Leslie,

Welcome to the BBO forum. Hope you find ways to wste time in the forum as well.


#33 User is offline   keylime 

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  • Interests:Motorsports, cricket, disc golf, and of course - bridge. :-)

  Posted 2004-June-07, 15:20


It's about darn time you joined the party man!! :)
"Champions aren't made in gyms, champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. " - M. Ali

#34 User is offline   Dwayne 

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Posted 2004-June-07, 15:49

I am a Taurus who likes Chinese Food, walking in the rain and eating Chinese food in the rain.

My favourite all-time movie is Alien 2.

Al kuko kaj kaso cxiam venas amaso.

#35 User is offline   slothy 

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Posted 2004-June-09, 02:53

Welcome to the forum Dwayne

A Tauran who likes soggy Chinese food???

Sounds like a bull in a china shop?

Ja ja
gaudium est miseris socios habuisse penarum - Misery loves company.

#36 User is offline   Gerben47 

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Posted 2004-June-09, 06:14

Hi, although I'm a regular on this forum I never got around to introducing myself in this thread.

I'm a junior player (25 next week) from the Netherlands, but currently in Germany for my Ph.D. in Astronomy. As for bridge level, I probably rank between advanced and expert, having won my set of regional tournaments and due to good results in junior competitions.
I will play for the German junior team in Prague this summer, partnering a Russian.

Favorite Bridge Experiences:
* Playing the Forbo International Tournament in Scheveningen and actually winning a 10-board match against one of the favorites.
* Junior Bridge Camps. I can recommend these to everyone.

Greatest Hand: Making an incredible 3NT during the Individual in the 2002 Junior Bridge Camp (see bulletin for details).

Favorite Bridge Book: Adventures in Card Play

Special Bridge Interests: Non-standard bidding systems and conventions.

Other Hobbies: Other board and card games, recreational mathematics.

Favorite non-bridge authors: Isaac Asimov, Stephen Baxter, Greg Bear (sci-fi with the empasis on the sci-part)

What I like most in BBO: Live Vugraph. I watch it a lot, was operator, even commentator for a few boards and in the already mentioned junior championship this summer I hope to play on it as well.

Motto: There's two kinds of rubber bridge players. Those that hold average cards and those who won't admit it.

Gerben "Dutchy" Dirksen
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do!

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Posted 2004-June-09, 07:33

Gerben47, on Jun 9 2004, 12:14 PM, said:

I'm a junior player (25 next week) from the Netherlands, but currently in Germany for my Ph.D. in Astronomy. As for bridge level, I probably rank between advanced and expert, having won my set of regional tournaments and due to good results in junior competitions.
I will play for the German junior team in Prague this summer, partnering a Russian.

Hey Gerben, I´ll meet you there! B)

Dutch-russian pair for germany?, mmm that looks like spanish open team :)

#38 User is offline   sceptic 

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Posted 2004-June-22, 23:05


I am Wayne, 45 English threw and threw, badly edukated, spilling is not my strong point.

I started playing bridge in yahoo for 3 years, then I came to BBO about 9 months ago and realised that in yahoo social lounge I was not playing bridge I was playing some other game that resembles whist.

I had to start back from the old proverbial drawing board, I have some horrendous habits to get rid of, but I have been lucky enough to get Paulg (the man is a saint) to mentor me through the 5th chair foundation (the wife wished it was the elcetric chair foundation).

Also I have just started a partnership with 1valeria a very nice Italian lady and we are now getting lessons in 2/1 from Bob Mcphee, I have been playing 2/1 for about 3 weeks now (22 june 2004).

And numerous sessions watching the likes of Shep Cascade and plenty of others

I enjoy kibbing some of the experts, I love the Vu graph and I am amazed at the friendliness of the large majority of people.

I am also a grandad, I have a 18 month old granddaughter who is learning bridge with me as she loves sitting on my lap when I play.

Bridge is the most interesting thing I do these days and I hope I when I die, I fall off a chair in the middle of a hand :blink:) (a 2!C opener would be nice)

#39 User is offline   Free 

  • mmm Duvel
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Posted 2004-June-23, 04:27

Hmmm, I also overlooked this. I'll introduce myself as well, although a lot of people know some stuff about me already :)

My name is Frederick Staelens, "Free" online. Right now I'm 23 and my B-day is 12/11 (send me a present or money plz :D ). I'm a student in computer science, and like to go out.
I started to play bridge when I was 14 years old, a friend of my parents wanted to start up a bridge club, and gave lessons. My father took them to, but after a few lessons we were only with 7 people left (started with 16, 2nd lesson only 12 or so). We went on for about 2-3 years with 4-5 players, played every week some hands (around 4 hours), but it was low level. Then our teacher Carl got sick and we were only with 3. Because of that we went to a real bridgeclub, and there we learned a lot! My dear Carl passed away a few years ago, but thanks to him I learned this great game. May he rest in peace.
These days I have a great f2f partner and we got some nice results on tourneys and championships. However the small mistakes which cost a lot occur still a little too much. For competition I have no time, because half of the playdays are during exams. However, we're substitute players, and never lost :)
My favorite kind of systems are strong , and in particular MOSCITO. Just need to find a f2f partner to play this in my local clubs :) And I hate UDCA!!

"It may be rude to leave to go to the bathroom, but it's downright stupid to sit there and piss yourself" - blackshoe

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Posted 2004-June-23, 11:38

DrTodd here, a.k.a. Todd A. Anderson. I was born and lived in West Virginia unless I was 22 at which point I moved to Lexington Kentucky to attend grad school. After being there a year or two I was invited to a party of a fellow schoolmate and some people there were playing bridge and that is where I caught the bug. About 3 year later, myself and two of the other people at that party (and another fellow) won the OKB collegiate tourney. In 1999, I graduated with a Ph.D. in computer science and moved to Oregon to work for Intel.

My best bridge moment so far was at the NABC in Toronto. The event for which I'd came was over and so myself and 3 people that I'd played with online (one was my pd from the collegiate tourney) decided to play the Swiss on Sunday. We alternated partnerships so everyone would get a chance to play with everyone else and we weren't doing so well after the first 3 rounds....probably about 30% of the field. This round my old partner and I were getting ready to play and were waiting for our opponent's partner to show up. I was sitting facing the door and most tables had started play and so the foot traffic was low in and out of the doors when I saw Bob Hamman come walking in. He headed right for our table and sat down and so my pd and I knew we were in for a treat. We would learn later that the guy who was already at the table was a client and that he had hired Hamman and at the other table had hired Petra Hamman and Joan Jackson. Our little team managed to win by 27 in the 8 board match. I still have the score slip.

Aside from that, I'm probably best known for the strong pass systems that you see me playing on-line pretty regularly.


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