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Forum posting reply Some post don't work the first time

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Posted 2012-December-15, 08:46

I'm using Internet Explorer 8 and half my replies just disappear after clicking post reply button.

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Posted 2012-December-15, 21:50

With so little to go on, I'm not sure what we can do about it. Have you noticed any kind of pattern, like whether it's correlated to using the full editor or the quick reply box?

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Posted 2012-December-18, 08:02

I have had such issues on (other) forums from time to time and I think it is usually down to breaks in connection. So I would first of all recommend that you run a scan to make sure that you have not picked up a dialer or similar. Assuming you are clean, it is possible that your ISP simply has some issues and the whole thing will clear up in a few days. That is the most common result. Unfortunately I have not found ISPs very forthcoming in discussing their issues. While you are waiting for them, you should do what you can to check the connection. Several programs download their upgrades in the background. Windows Updater is particularly bad for this and can cause considerable disturbance if your connection is sensitive (usually only noticed on MM games though).

If you are certain that the issue lies neither with your PC nor the connection, then you need to start documenting the outages. if there is a pattern then it is usually easy to track down the problem; if not then it is extremely difficult. While the issue persists, a simple workaround is to copy every message before you press the Reply button so that you can resend it without having to re-type it. Of course you could also use 2 browsers but I found the copy workaround was simplest and best.
(-: Zel :-)

Happy New Year everyone!

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