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Playing offline is there a way I can practise playing offline ?

#1 User is offline   deloraine2 

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Posted 2024-April-11, 23:26

I am about to go on a long flight - is there a way I can practice playing playing while in the air - i.e. off-line ?

#2 User is online   helene_t 

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Posted 2024-April-12, 00:26

There are number of bridge programs that allow you to play with three robots. Winbridge5 is still free i think.

"Great bridge links" has a lot of links. Unfortunately the website is poorly organised so it takes som effort to find what you are looking for
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Posted 2024-April-15, 14:47

Don't most airlines have WiFi these days?

#4 User is offline   mw64ahw 

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Posted 2024-April-15, 15:00

I use NeuralPlay on flights

#5 User is offline   pescetom 

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Posted 2024-April-15, 15:13

View Postbarmar, on 2024-April-15, 14:47, said:

Don't most airlines have WiFi these days?

Not in Europe, at least.

View Postmw64ahw, on 2024-April-15, 15:00, said:

I use NeuralPlay on flights

I read old copies of Bridge d'Italia, which have excellent accounts of expert tournaments from the last few decades.
Alas it is no longer printed or even edited online.

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